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Angeliki Paparadi

Angeliki studied Organic Agriculture at the Ionian Islands Univeristy of Applied Sciences in Greece. She continued her MBA studies in the Food Chain Management sector at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen and Hohenheim Universities in Germany and at the Van Hall Larenstein University in the Netherlands. She is one of the two founders of Little Donkey and has undertaken the production management and the research and development of new products.





Michael Xylouris

Michalis is an Electronics & Computer Engineer, MSc. He studied at the Glamorgan University in Cardiff, U.K. He is one of the founders of Little Donkey and has undertaken the overall computerization and technical support of both Little Donkey's production and sales. His main concern is to apply ecological and environmentally friendly equipment and production methods.





Eleni Xylouri

Eleni is an Agronomist, graduate of the Animal Production Department of the Agricultural University of Athens, with postgraduate studies in quality management. She is responsible for the management of HACCP and ISO 22000 safety and quality systems and standards, as well as for the FDA approval procedures.





Tryfonas Vakoudis

Tryfonas is the Creative Director of Gaidarakos. He studied graphic design at Middlessex University and he is the founder of the company Design Overdose. He has taken over the designing sector of Little Donkey, namely logos, packaging, labels and anything that requires professional design.


About The Little Donkey

The donkey is the most representative domestic animal of the Mediterranean countryside. It has been tireless, patient, persistent, with great strength & perhaps the best friend of farmers for decades. Read more...

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