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Honey spread with walnuts & clove

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Ελληνικό μέλι, καρύδια, γαρύφαλλο / Greek honey, walnuts, cloves
Diameter: 6,5cm, Height: 8,5cm.
220 gr.
19,54 €

treebadgeOnly available during Christmas!

A very healthy honey spread with flower-pine honey, grounded walnuts and freshly grounded cloves.

Pure honey from Greek islands combined with fresh walnuts and cloves tasty to those who love the taste of honey and nuts but also love the aromas of sweet spices.


An ideal spread to start the day! Spread it on bread, or add it to your cereal and yogurt.

Accompanies ice creams, cakes and gives special flavor to your desserts!

Ideal to give an extra flavor to baked apples, quinces and bananas!

A healthy choice for every moment and every age!

You will find it in a jar packaging of 220gr.

Keep in a dry, cool place. No need to refrigerate after opening.

Potential separation is natural, stir well to blend.

May contain traces of peanuts & nuts



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