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Pine tree honey 130g. from Dodecanese Islands

2,30 € each


100% Pure Greek Honey
Diameter: 5,0cm, Height: 8,5cm.
130 gr.

Pine tree honey from Rhodes island.

Around 65% of the total production of honey in Greece, is pine tree honey.

Pine tree honey is produced by the honey-dew excretions of the insect Marchalina hellenica, known in Greece as “pine laborer”.

Rhodes island is one of the main producing areas of pine tree honey in Greece.

The color of this honey is characteristic and ranges from dark yellow to light brown.

Due to its lower concentration of sugars than other honeys, pine tree honey has a mild sweet flavor.

Crystallization of this honey is quite slow due to its low natural content of glucose.

Greek Honey
In Greece, apiculture does not involve the intense exploitation of bees and organised monocultures of mass produced, low cost & low quality honey.
Greek Island’s apiculture allows bees to feed exclusively on pure pollen, far away from chemicals, pesticides & industrial zones.
Due to the dry climate of Greece, honey has low water content and therefore it is slightly processed.
This has as a result a more aromatic, more dense and richer in flavours and ingredients honey.

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