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2,80 € each


100% ταχίνι (αλεσμένο αποφλοιωμένο σουσάμι) / 100% tahini (crushed hulled sesame seeds)
Diameter: 6,5cm, Height: 8,5cm.
185 gr.
20,45 €

Tahini is a pure natural product, made from pulped sesame seeds, without preservatives or other additives. It is source of protein, high in fiber and salt-free.

Perfect for a healthy daily nutrition. Suitable for vegans.

Try it as a spread, with yoghurt or add it to your recipes.


You will find it in a jar packaging of 185gr.

Keep in a dry, cool place. No need to refrigerate after opening.

Potential separation is natural, stir well to blend.

May contain traces of other nuts.


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