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Do your nut butters contain trans fats as a result of processing?
No. All of our nut butters are free-from trans fats and do not contain extra oil. Our nuts are air dry roasted and do not required addition of any oil.

Why are honey spreads too runny/firm?
This is due to the natural oil contents of the nuts and seeds which varies depending on growing and weather conditions. As a totally natural product, you can also experience higher or lower oil separation due to storage conditions. Furthermore, honey naturally crystallizes, a process that is influenced by the storage temperature.
If it is too firm: Try to slightly warm the jar buy placing it in warm water to obtain the desired consistency.

Are there traces of nuts or peanuts in all honey spreads?
Yes. Our nut butter mill handles a variety of nuts including peanut this is why our labels include the allergy statement.

Are your Nut and Seed Butters Gluten-free?
We can confirm that our products are naturally gluten free but please, always look for the allergens highlighted in bold in the ingredients list for security.

Where does your honey come from?
All our bee products contain 100% greek honey.  The honey we use in our spreads originates exclusively from the Dodecase Islands, in South East Greece. The other honeys originates from Dodecanese islands, Epirus and Thrace.

Where does your pollen come from?

The pollen we use in our muesli products comes from Dodoni Region, in Epirus, Northwest Greece. We always control the humidity of the pollen and also we are applying microbiological tests and heavy metals tests.


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